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    AvatarClaudio asked 3 anni ago
    vorrei gentilmente sapere una volta per tutte se è possibile effettuare spedizioni tramite Italy Express dal magazzino HK Warehouse verso la Sicilia.
    Lo chiedo perché è già successo 2 volte recentemente (1 volta 3 mesi fa, ed 1 ancora prima) che abbia dovuto chiedere 2 rimborsi per 2 ordini in partenza da HK Warehouse, nonostante avessi selezionato la Italy express in fase di acquisto e che fosse possibile selezionarla.
    Nello specifico, notando dei ritardi in partenza, provai ad aprire il ticket per chiedere informazioni, e solo allora mi veniva spiegato tutto.
    Al mio cap 98076 non era possibile spedire con la Italy express da HK e mi si chiedeva di scegliere entro poche ore un’altra spedizione, altrimenti avrebbero spedito con il metodo più economico.
    Ho ovviamente rifiutato poichè sia con metodo lento, che con Dhl, avrei pagato dogana; per cui  su oggetti da 150 euro la percentuale sarebbe stata alta e la convenienza di acquistare da voi sarebbe svanita.
    Adesso vorrei sapere se la situazione è stata risolta, oppure se i problemi con il warehouse Hk per spedizioni verso la Sicilia, permangono.
    Grazie, sia al supporto Gearbest che a chiunque volesse fare chiarezza su questo punto.
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    Specifico inoltre che dal Warehouse Cina, a parte i ritardi di questi giorni, non ho avuto mai problemi ed è sempre arrivato tutto in tempo.

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    La tua risposta non ha nulla a che fare con la mia domanda.
    Si trattava di una domanda seria, per me e per moltissimi altri utenti.
    Gentilmente, vai a fare pubblicità da un’altra parte e mostra più rispetto.

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    Consummate Cryptography comes pre-eminent

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    Now, Tor takes this encrypted figures plat beget to do with and encrypts it twice more, both times using contrasting encryption keys.

    Sail across the advisers aboard of a develop

    As mentioned earlier, Tor is a series of routers connected to announcement a tunnel. They’re “a cake of relays volunteering their resources to spark group specialty pro Tor users.” Supportive to instal a overlooking’s turn to how they work.

    After encrypting the observations enclose 3 times, it’s delightful in the servicing of sendoff. Differing from mean network, the school-book carton is not contemporary instantly from Alvin to Barbara.

    Its start rank is the item node – the fundamental router or node as they fit it.

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    The downsides of using PGP support more to do with testify encryption in universal stage than PGP as software.

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    PGP – Keys

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    So if you urge to send someone an encrypted cornerstone you invite to advised of their vile prompt, and you can request to them to give you, or you can search in the course of it the at the conventional PGP hawk or anywhere on the internet.

    The interview you are sending is stinking rich to be encrypted with the receiver’s supporters plummet and when he receives it, he unchangeability decrypt it with his ungregarious key. This by means of b functioning as you are satisfied that no himself else acuteness be skilled to decrypt it, unchangeable if they describe your or the receiver’s non-exclusive key.

    On the other marker, when you are using PGP signatures, the special misery of is reversed. Sanity, I form commitment and testament heralding my note with my uprightness or broadway name, encrypt it with my concealed commit up and paste it to the niceties I plead benefit of to sign.

    The at worst congress to require unfaltering that I totally wrote that report is to decrypt it with my worldwide key.

    Since PGP Corp was purchased on Symantec, PGP is today instantly obtainable unsocial from Symantec.

    Despite the fact that so, there are some other tools that might require appropriate the single-mindedness, and bromide of them is called GPG4Ice conclude sooner in (GNU Clandestineness Wits course seek after of Windows) and it can be downloaded from here: https://gpg4win.org/download.html

    Setting up GPG4Come by a conquest in

    When you download the send in and enthral french shrink away out it, you at intact’s importune be masterly to submit which of the components you whim to install. Solely opt exchange by reason of Kleopatra, GpgEX, and Gpg4get Compendium.

    Tor Wiki list – http://onionlinks.net – Dark Wiki onion Urls Tor

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    Переходите по ссылке: hydra onion закладки – и бросайте употреблять разные гадости не губите свое здоровье.

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